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This is just an other Citrix- Blog. The one by Johannes Norz.


Johannes Norz is a Citrix- architect, NetScaler evangelist and Citrix certified instructor, Austrian citizen, currently living in Austria, some miles south of Vienna in Baden.

He holds several of the highest Citrix certifications like CCE-V (Citrix Certified Expert on Virtualization) and CCP-N (Citrix Certified Professional on Networking). Citrix called him a SME (Subject Matter Expert) and constantly asks him to contribute in course wear development.

Johannes speaks German and English (and some phrases in many other languages). He works all over the world, mainly in Europe and Asia. His homepage can be found at www.norz.at.

cce-v ccp-n
Citrix SME

List of countries he has visited during the last some years for work in alphabetical order: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, Vatican.

Johannes likes back backing, he is a good runner and likes to write stories. He is married and father of two grown up children and grandfather of two grandchildren.

His greatest private adventure was walking the Spanish GR11, 908 km, 50,313 meters altitude, in early summer 2016, and (long time ago) a walk on Greek E4, proximately 1,000 km, in 1991.

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