Becoming an OCSP

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Just started becoming an OCSP. This does not mean Online Certificate Status Protocol, but Offensive Computing Security Professional. It’s a widely respected certification in penetration testing. A long time wish is going to become true. I am excited!

In the end I’ll have to do a 24 hour penetration into a lab environment. But before there are for weeks of learning ahead of me. I’ll keep you posted!

October 6th 2019

Today, 2 AM, I received my course wear. Offensive Computing classes are virtual and usually start every 2 weeks. I’m just now printing my course wear (I’m a bit old fashioned, I need paper). There is almost 1 GB of videos and a 380 pages PDF, together with 4 weeks of lab access.

Like always the time is not perfect, as I’ll have to work during 2 of these 4 weeks, I’ll loose an other day due to Yom Kippur (is there something like a perfect time to block 4 weeks in a row?).

Course wear looks well structured, its English seems to be readable easily.

October 29th 2019

I’m a bit frustrated. My lab time is almost over, but I hardly used them. I had been so very busy, teaching in Athens, Frankfurt and from home. I am 3 weeks behind schedule, and there is hardly any chance to do some more labs until end of the year (additional lab time is affordable).

Yesterday and today I did alot of NetBIOS emulation, using nmap, enum4linux, nbtscan and many more, but still I didn’t make half of the book, I am far from being able to do the exam. There is so much more to learn, Phyton, polish my bash-skills and many more. And there are so many interesting additional aspects. I wish I could do more.

I’m arfaid, I’ll have to postphone my exam to begin of next year

January 13th 2020: Just continuing to prepare for the exam again. It seems like I have some time for it right now. I have written an exploit for CVE-2019-19781 in Python between Christmas and New Years Eve. But I’m more focussed on OCSP right now.

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