Citrix ADC 13.0: crash dumps filling up /var directory

I face lack of disk space since I upgraded to Citrix ADC 13.0 (“Citrix NetScaler 13.0”) built 13.0 built 36.27. Symptoms: It’s not possible to log on any more, using external authentication. Logging is stopped due to /var being out of disk space. In addition it may lead to a reboot, configuration may get lost because of this.

I had been investigating this issue. There had not been any dumps in /var/crash, but plenty of them can be found in /var/core/\d{1,3} directory. Some guys told me to start from the scratch, to avoid issues like that, but it didn’t make any difference. NetScaler 13.0 built 36.27 does not seem to be stable.

I recently uploaded some of them to Result: No issues detected. Way to go, Citrix! There is an issue. A big one.

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