Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Videos

I love doing white boarding sessions. I always do it during training, and I also did some at home and put these on YouTube.

This is a list of Videos I did:

My first Video was about setting up a Citrix ADC (Citrix NetScaler). It was a blended video, some parts clicking into Citrix NetScaler ADC, some parts white-boarding

My second Video was about basic Load-balancing on Citrix ADC (Citrix NetScaler), again, half white-boarding, half actual work on the machine. It is about vServers, Services and Servers
Part 1:

Basic Load-balancing,
Part 2

Next, I had a big break. I didn’t want to do videos at all, but recently changed my mind.

I did a video about Citrix Gateway (formerly: Citrix NetScaler Gateway)
It’s purely white-boarding, all about Gateway vServer, STA, StoreFront and the Delivery Controller. There is also a blog about trouble shooting Citrix Gateway

And I did another one about GSLB on Citrix ADC.
There is some misunderstanding about Global Server Load-balancing. And I wanted to help, doing a white-boarding session.

I hope, you like my videos. Feel free to share my videos or comment on my videos. I’d be glad to see some suggestions about themes you’re interested in

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