Pimping a website using NetScaler 10.5 (adding style, favicon, …)

I wanted to customise my blog, but I did not want to dig deep into wordpress. This seemed to much effort, and I don’t know if next update of WordPress would compromise my changes. I wanted to make permanent changes in a way that would survive any update. So I… Read more »

Customizing a website using NetScaler rewrite policies

In one of my previous posts I installed badstore.net on my XenServer. This was not that easy, i solved all problems, however the results had not been so very good. There are 2 reasons for this: Badshop uses a java script to forward users to http://www.badshop.net/cgi-bin/badstore.cgi. So it will forward… Read more »

Installing Badstore.net on a XenServer

It should be easy: download the CD image and install. However you’ll end up with following message: The bootloader for this VM returned an error — did the VM installation succeed? UNSUPPORTED_INSTAL_METHOD I asked Google and found a solution: find the UUID of this machine. It’s listed on the General… Read more »

Automatically forward users of a loadbalanced StoreFront server to /Citrix/StoreWeb

This question was asked by one of my students during one of my last NetScaler CNS 207 classes. It should not be a difficult problem. So what do we need to do? rewrite requests to /Citrix/StoreWeb. filter on requests without URL specified. bind it to the load balancing server. (there… Read more »

About Johannes Norz

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This is just an other Citrix- Blog. The one by Johannes Norz. Johannes Norz is a Citrix- architect, NetScaler evangelist and Citrix certified instructor, Austrian citizen, currently living in Austria, some miles south of Vienna in Baden. He holds several of the highest Citrix certifications like CCE-V (Citrix Certified Expert… Read more »