Are there Syslog events coming from partitions?

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There seems to be no way to log events inside partitions, even though there are settings for logging and configuration seems to be right. They are exactly the same as in default partition. Syslog server is, so the local machine. Everything seems to be perfect. But /var/partitions/<partitionname>/log will remain empty.


Well, the syslog-server is, so all logs go to BSD, exactly the same as for the default partition. So all logs go to /var/log/ns.log.

How can I have a view on syslog for this partition only?

Go into bash by typing shell. Than:
tail -F /var/log/ns.log |grep <partition-name>
<partition-name> is the name of your partition. If your partition is called Exchange, the command would be
tail -F /var/log/ns.log |grep Exchange
Keep in mind: grep is case sensitive! Just do a
show partition
if you are not sure.

All the rest of logging is exactly like the default partition.

External syslog servers

Citrix ADC 13 supports external syslog servers inside partition. Different to the default partition, these syslog servers will not use the NSIP of the box, but the SNIP of the partition.

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